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Table 2 Compilation of studies which explored different applications of HPFs

From: Intensity-curvature functional based digital high pass filter of the bivariate cubic B-spline model polynomial function

Authors High-pass filters Authors Filters Authors Finite impulse response filters
Bénar et al. (2010) Pitfalls of high-pass filtering for detecting epileptic oscillations: A technical note on ‘false’ ripples Jing (1987) A New Method for Digital All-Pass Filter Design Neuvo et al. (1984) Interpolated finite impulse response filters
Chandra et al. (2016) Design of hardware efficient FIR filter: A review of the state-of-the-art approaches
Potvin et al. (2003) Less is more: high pass filtering, to remove up to 99% of the surface EMG signal power, improves EMG-based biceps brachii muscle force estimates Saramaki (1985) On the Design of Digital Filters as a Sum of Two All-Pass Filters
Vaidyanathan et al. (1987) Eigenfilters: A new approach to least-squares FIR filter design and applications including Nyquist filters
Pun et al. (2002) On the design and implementation of FIR and IIR Digital Filters with variable frequency characteristics
Surawski et al. (2017) A tunable high-pass filter for simple and inexpensive size-segregation of sub-10-nm nanoparticles
Sharma et al. (2016) Performance of swarm based on optimization techniques for designing digital FIR filter: comparative study.
Wu et al. (2003) Terahertz plasmonic high pass filter
Zhao et al. (1988) A simple design of FIR filters with powers-of-two coefficients
Zuo et al. (2011) New temporal high-pass filter nonuniformity correction based on bilateral filter