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Table 5 Number of features of high, moderate and low robustness in each feature class, as defined by average of intraclass correlation coefficient over 10 noise realizations in reference to dilation of region of interest with normalization of mean ± 3SD or zero to maximum

From: Robustness of radiomic features in magnetic resonance imaging: review and a phantom study

Feature groupHigh (ICC > 0.9)Moderate (ICC 0.5–0.9)Low (ICC < 0.5)
 Mean ± 3SDZero to maximumMean ± 3SDZero to maximumMean ± 3SDZero to maximum
First order7/137/135/135/131/131/13
  1. The denominator in the table signifies the total number of features in the feature class (i.e., first order, shape, GLCM or GLRLM). GLCM Gray level cooccurrence matrix, GLRLM Gray level run length matrix, ICC Intraclass correlation coefficient