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Correction to: Classes of tree-based networks

The Original Article was published on 15 May 2020

Correction to: Vis Comput Ind Biomed Art 3, 12 (2020)

Following publication of the original article [1], in the description of the leaf shrinking procedure as well as in Algorithm 1 and the definition of edge-based graphs in [1], the condition that G contains at least two leaves (i.e., the condition |VL(G)| ≥ 2) needs to be omitted. Moreover, in line 2 of Algorithm 1 it should read \( \left|V\left(\mathcal{LS}(G)\right)\right|>2 \).

In particular, Algorithm 1 and Definition 3 should read as follows:

figure a

Definition 3 Let G be a connected graph with |V(G)| ≥ 2. If the leaf shrink graph \( \mathcal{LS}(G) \) of G is a single edge, G is called edge-based. Else, G is called non-edge-based. If G = Nu is a proper phylogenetic network with |V(Nu)| ≥ 2 and |X| ≥ 2 and \( \mathcal{LS}\left({N}^u\right) \) is a single edge, we call Nu an edge-based network. Else, Nu is called non-edge-based.

We thank Tom Niklas Hamann for bringing this issue to our attention.


  1. Fischer M, Herbst L, Galla M, Long Y, Wicke K (2020) Classes of tree-based networks. Vis Comput Ind Biomed Art 3:12

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